"We Improve ourselves to Contribute To Those around us and the generations after" That is the raison d'être of Mconomy on which all activities are based. For us it means that we are conscious of our own actions. We strive to develop ourselves continuously to strengthen Mconomy and all who are part of it. Mconomy is a professional and committed organisation, but also creates a learning environment where continuous improvement of ourselves and others is central.


Mconomy is committed to long term relationships with customers, partners and staff. This method transformed us from a small company into a fast-growing international organisation. Mconomy devotes great effort to the upholding it's core values: Integrity, mutual respect and trust.


Mconomy is a leading distributor of telecom accessories, ranging from cases and chargers, to headphones and speakers. With a broad portfolio Mconomy is committed to react quickly to new market developments by providing innovative quality products to retail, e-tail and resellers


In 2002 the CEO of Mconomy, Chang Ng, worked at Cap Gemini as a mobile consultant. In that year Mconomy was founded.


Start of Fulfilment Solutions, the distribution centre of Mconomy. FS is a true specialist in e-commerce fulfillment and shop logistics.

2016: 10XCREW

Start of 10XCREW, an e-commerce service within the Mconomy Group. 10XCREW is an e-com startup housing no-nonsense and data-driven e-commerce specialists.

2017: LET'S TALK

Acquisition of software company Let’s Talk. An organization specialized in developing omnichannel customised IT solutions.